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Onsite Management and Low Rates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your company located?

Our property is located at 750-850 Johnstonville Road in Susanville, CA 96130. We’re just southeast of downtown Susanville after a quick drive down CA-36, providing quick access to the communities of Leavitt, Standish, Janesville, Westwood, and Johnstonville. Look for us near USPS, Lassen County Fairgrounds, and Lassen Community College!

What is onsite management?

Onsite management is a term that means our manager lives in an apartment at our facility. Unlike other companies, where the manager is on the grounds for a few hours a day and then leaves for most of the week, ours is here nearly 24/7, providing additional peace of mind while storing your belongings away from home.

What are your unit sizes?

Our storage unit sizes range from 5’x10’, which is large enough for small pieces of furniture, bikes, and boxes, all the way up to 12’x30’, which can easily hold the contents of your home during a move or renovation. Visit our facility page for information on our current availability!

When can I access my rental?

Our access hours run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, making it easy to visit your unit before or after work, over the weekend, or nearly any other time you please.


Can you tell me more about your vehicle parking?

Sure thing! We’re proud to provide a wide variety of vehicle parking spaces, with covered, indoor options and outdoor, uncovered options. Use these spaces to store your RV, boat, trailer, or additional car without taking up precious street or driveway space at home.


What security features do you utilize?

Our property is equipped with surveillance cameras, surrounded by security fencing, and secured by our keypad entry gate. The fact that we’re closed between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. every night is also a security feature, restricting access (and, therefore, property activity) in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning.


Where can I buy packing supplies?

In our office! We have a wide selection of boxes and other moving supplies, including mattress covers and bubble wrap, for sale right here in our office. Now you can save yourself a trip before move-in day and knock everything out in one convenient place.


Why should I rent with you?

In addition to the many features we’ve listed around our website, we have one very compelling reason to choose our facility: we provide the lowest rates in town! Everyone could use a little more space in their lives, but no one wants to dish out the big bucks to do so. When you choose ABC Mini Storage, you can enjoy all the same amenities and conveniences while knowing that you aren’t overpaying for your services. Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful manager for more information!